TV/Movie Discussion – Genre Praise: Spy Thrillers

I have always been a huge fan of the spy genre. The missions are seemingly impossible, the agents are lethal and the gadgets are dangerously cool. Another huge appeal of this genre is that the conflicts are not just physical. In the best spy movies two highly skilled agents from opposing organizations don’t simply outgun one another, but they need to outwit the enemy agent to complete the mission. Usually this adds another layer to the conflict which makes it personal. Here is a list of some of my favorite entertainment produced in this genre. Continue reading


TV Discussion: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

When I first heard that the CW was producing a spinoff of Arrow and The Flash, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. The early information about this potential series was very vague, so I let it slid off my radar. Suddenly, out the blue a trailer drops for this new series… and it looks soooo awesome! Legends of Tomorrow brings an assortment of heroes and villains from the Arrow/Flash universe and put them on one big super powered team, effectively making Legends of Tomorrow the TV version of The Avengers (or Justice League). I believe this is a limited series that will run during the midseason break of Flash/Arrow. A limited series would probably work best with type of show since it would be just enough to time to tell an entertaining story without getting too confused with complexities and subplots like full length shows tend to do.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for yet another superhero show? Leave a comment below!

TV Discussion – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)


Growing up I had fond memories of watching TMNT every Saturday morning. When I discovered Nickelodeon brought the turtles back to television it quickly grabbed my attention. After watching a few a episodes I found myself hooked! Not only did Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exceed my expectations in the show, but it also managed to rekindle my former love for the turtles. Continue reading

TV/Movie Discussion – Superhero Saturation

As a fan of comic books and superheroes I was excited to hear that both Marvel and DC/Warner Bros had big plans in the upcoming years to release a slew of new superhero movies. My initial excitement started to fade a bit when I saw the sheer number of superhero content these major studios planned to release. I fear that producing too many comic book movies and shows will diminish the enjoyment of the films. I’m already at the point where I think to myself, “Another superhero movie?”. Nevertheless, it would be a safe bet to say that I’ll be watching every single one. So! Here is a list of all the known DC and Marvel films slates. Continue reading

How To Win An Oscar


In classic war movies, there always comes a point when something catastrophic happens and it leaves our protagonist, more often than not a seasoned war veteran, completely traumatized. Broken and scarred, he (or she) is left only with anguish and despair. The camera zooms in as they look to the heavens and shout “What am I fighting for?!”. He (or she) waits desperately for an answer, but there is nothing, only silence. Then Morgan Freeman looks at our protagonist and says, “only you can find answer you seek”. Bam! Instant academy award.

TV DISCUSSION – Star Wars: The Clone Wars


The internet collectively lost it’s shit when the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit the web a while back. I’ve never been a big Star Wars fan, but after the trailer I suddenly craved some Star Wars action. Luckily for me, Netflix just added Star Wars: The Clone Wars to it’s selection of tv. This 3d animated series focuses on the Clone Wars era of the Star Wars universe. Continue reading

TV DISCUSSION – Black Mirror

Black Mirror

One lonely Saturday evening, I decided to hop on Netflix in search of something to hold off my everlasting boredom. Similar to every other Netflix user I had no idea what I wanted to watch. I had almost given up when I remembered someone recommended I watch Black Mirror. Initially I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but Black Mirror turned out to be one of Netflix’s many hidden gems. Continue reading

Letters From the Editor: What to Watch on Netflix


Well ladies and gents, it’s that time of the month! No, not THAT time of the month, time for What to Watch on Netflix where I, LifeBlog’s editor, rate movies and tv shows to make your Netflix viewing experience great. This week I have a documentary show and an indie movie (what a surprise). So let’s get to it! Continue reading

Letters From the Editor: What to Watch on Netflix


Have you ever logged on to Netflix and found yourself spending hours trying to find something actually worth your time? I sure have and it’s probably my biggest pet peeve. I found myself wishing for a guide or a list that would review the obscure movies and tv shows on Netflix so I could spend less time looking and more time watching. Continue reading

Fall TV Watch List


Here is a list of tv shows I will potentially watch this fall. I probably won’t end up following all these shows but these are the ones I am currently interested in:

Arrow – Network: CW  Starts: 10/8/14

The Flash – Network: CW Starts: 10/7/14

Gotham – Network: FOX Starts: 9/22/14

Marvel’s Agents of Shield – Network: ABC Starts: 9/23/14

Agent Carter – Network: ABC

The Walking Dead – Network: AMC Starts: 10/12/14

Hell on Wheels – Network: AMC Starts: Currently airing

The Blacklist –  Network:NBC Starts: 9/22/14

If anyone suggest a good show to watch this fall leave a comment and I will check it out.