So this is awkward, right?

“Okay, before I let you in promise you won’t laugh”

Sare’s face glowed with embarrassment as she spoke to me from behind the front door of her apartment.

“Um okay? I promise I won’t laugh.” Not fully knowing what I just signed on for I braced myself for the absolute worst case scenario. Continue reading


Am I in trouble?

Last Friday I moved into my apartment above Smitty’s Steaks. My mom came too, along with my younger brother and three younger sisters. Six people in an apartment designed for one person comfortably. The eye of a tropical storm out on the coast was more tame. This is why when people ask me how many siblings I have my response is “Too many.” Continue reading

Respecting Sobriety – Part Five


The dense air made it hard to breathe in Cody’s crowded house and my mind was trapped in a vicious swirl. Outside.That was where I needed to go. I sloppily stumbled my way to the front door and opened it, greeting my lungs with cool air. Walking around, I realized my focus had drifted away but I didn’t really care anymore. I wandered about aimlessly with no real objective. In the distance, I could see a bright green light shimmering in the dark. Curiosity nagged away at me so I decided to get a closer look. As I got closer to the light, I felt a strange sense of familiarity. A green light? I felt like it meant something. I tried hard to remember but it wasn’t coming to mind. Suddenly my thinking was interrupted by a loud screeching noise that was rapidly approaching my direction. I panicked and remained frozen. Not but a second later I could see the gleaming yellow headlights of an SUV rushing towards me.

Respecting Sobriety – Part Four


Cody reached out to shake my hand and I immediately felt a twinge of jealously. He had piercing blue eyes that were unintentionally intimidating yet inviting. In addition, he was 6’4, lean, and very muscular. Basically the ideal man. Cody’s only physical flaw was a long exaggerated scar that ran from the right side of his neck down, but this barely impeded on his raw attraction and his presence definitely made me feel inferior by comparison.

Continue reading