Extreme attraction

Extreme attraction


A dangerous reaction




Single host


Pulling me close





Boundless grace


Hearts will race







They say no man is an island, but I feel lost. Stranded.

Isolated from common sense,
As naive as a newborn child,
I get lost in the reflection I found in you,
But when I realize the reflection is a hallucination
I sob;
I weep.

This isn’t the first time my eyes have been clouded with the idea of love,
But it is just an idea,
Nothing more.
Casting away the clouds I see clearer;
I see clearly.
Piercing through the reflection,
The truth is apparent to me:
No man is an island,
But all men are alone.

Beach Bum

Alone on the beach the boy stares

Out at the clear blue island water

Contemplating his future.

The blazing yellow sun

Darkens his bare skin,

The rays burning into his memories.

Memories of a small island village

While living in the Big Apple,

Grasping his dreams firmly

With his hardened, callused hands

But St. Kitts will always be his home.

Memories he would eventually pass down to his son

When they return to that blazing yellow sun.

Love starts with you


Love starts with the way you feel about yourself. Love isn’t given or taken away. Love starts with a single thought, a single spark to a fuse. Love doesn’t stop with the heart, but begins with the mind. Love starts with a name. The one you’ve been called since childhood, twisted up in your mother’s arms. Love starts when you chose to dance while others stand still. Love doesn’t start when you find someone, love starts with you.



Bright bands of sunlight stretch over the earth’s narrow horizon

Temporarily banishing the bitter darkness away.

The misty air bleeds down and disperses

Reviving all that is dead.

The earth starts to recover, no longer soiled by cold decay

The simple drops of cool rain invigorate all of life.

Creatures emerging from their hidden places

While colorful delicate flowers gladly expose themselves

They no longer fear being scolded by the harsh freezing winds

Life can finally start again.

Purple Love

Purple love festering in accordance

with a dream of a predictable life

an outdated idea that infects us,

plaguing the dense population everyday.

Public strangulation occurs frequently

purple flowing blood veins popping viciously

gushing and flowing into the empty city street

quickly flooding hearts and corrupting the soft mind.

Peaceful violence: a contradiction

jagged words weighing more than a boulder

leaving them smeared with smooth purple pains

the broken and the battered bonds still remain.

Personal struggles kept alive again

openly feeding on people’s constant woes

the intention does not hold any importance

memories of a purple love gone past.