Misconceptions of knowledge

Along this journey of self-improvement, I developed a different perspective on knowledge. Like many, I adamantly believed in the phrase “knowledge is power.” Continue reading


Emotional satellite: Energizers & Drainers

Continuation of Emotional Satellite discussion discussed here: Emotional satellite, Emotional satellite: Adjust settings.

Developing a keen awareness of your own emotions will add another layer of perception onto your daily observations. When I feel uncomfortable I get quiet, my muscles tense up, and I typically avoid making eye contact. Knowing this about myself has helped me realize when others around me feel uncomfortable. Understanding yourself tends to make it easier to understand others. Continue reading

Emotional Satellite: Adjust settings

Original post on Emotional Satellite

Before an emotional satellite can be used there must be time spend set adjusting settings. On a regular electronic device, this means reading instruction manuals, determining what plugs go where etc. Adjusting your emotional satellite begins by developing an increased awareness of one’s emotions. Continue reading

Be Selective

Trust, Respect, Love, Friendship, Time.

These are not toys to be given out to whoever comes along. These are things that are given when they are earned. They can be taken back at any point in time. Be selective. Not everyone is worthy of your Trust, Respect, Love, Friendship, Time.

And remember “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.”

I love you – Barry