via Daily Prompt Champion

What does it mean to be a champion? Is it being a hero and standing up for what is right? Does mean laughing in the face of danger or never standing down? WELL those are well and great but fuck no. Being a champion means being a fucking legend. A god among men. Possessing superiority beyond what is even humanly attainable. People should praise and idolize a champion. Being a champion is being a brutal kick ass warrior and still being able chill with the top down in a nice set off wheels with the sun reflecting off your $200 Ray Bean aviators. This shit aint easy, and it’s certainly not everyone.

A champion never folds in the face of a challenge. In fact he invites challenge. The more challenge the better. BRING IT ON. There is no weakness or hesitation in a Champions heart. She knows what she want and god be damned if your get in her way. The world moves when a Champion speaks. The air becomes polluted with a Champion’s presence. The sick become rejuvenated upon gazing onto a Champion’s silhouette. So I ask: Are you a Champion?


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