Put your foot down

Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down. Sometimes life just kicks you in the ass and you don’t know how to get back up. You don’t know if it’s even worth it to get back up. When you feel all the anger and bitterness you’ve been holding down all those years. Those pent up repressed feels boil over and you mind begins to erupt into a nuclear meltdown. It seems like nothing is there but anger. All you feel is angry. All you see is that hot bright red flash that constantly taunts. The red flash starts to develop a voice. It says you aren’t good enough. It say that you deserve all the bad shit that is happening to you. It says that you weren’t smart enough to stop the pain. You fight the voice but it does not goes away. In fact the more you fight the louder the voice gets. Until finally the voice becomes a roar, screaming at you more and more. The shouting becomes so loud that you can no longer hear you’re own voice. The shouting is your voice. Eventually it subsides, but that doesn’t mean that voice is gone. No, it’s just hiding, waiting to remind you of all your insecurities and failures. To remind you of how you screwed up time and time again. To make you carry that guilt until it crushes you.

But guess what? That’s bullshit. When that voice comes back you put your foot down and crush it’s toes. You are good enough, even if no one else thinks so. You did make mistakes, but everyone does. No one is perfect. You drop that guilt and never look back because you know a man is worth more than the sum of his mistakes. And when that’s all done you look yourself directly in the mirror and say “I am important. I matter and no one can that away from me.” You repeat it until that voice is reduced to less than a whisper. Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down.


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