Daily Prompt – Perfection

Here is my response to the Daily Prompt: Perfection. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/perfection/

For so long I was obsessed with the idea of Perfection. My clothes had to be perfect. I had to get perfect scores on all of my grades. No matter what I also needed to be on top. I wasn’t sure why though. Being the best just felt good. I loved the way people openly admired me, while secretly envying my success. I reveled in the attention I got from women because I was “the perfect guy”. All these things gave me a euphoric high. I rode that high easily for years, but then one day it all changed. I wasn’t perfect anymore, just average. After years obsessing over perfection I had landed on the low stoop of mediocrity. The stench of mediocrity also came with a large dose of perspective: I was alone. With out realizing it I manipulated everyone around me due to my need to always be the best. My friends and family thought I was arrogant and pretentious. Looking back I can’t blame them for feeling that way. I didn’t even have a woman because she had to be “perfect” and anything less was unacceptable. Lingering on these thoughts while surrounded by my trophies, awards, and achievements feels ironic. They remind me of how I wasted my life chasing the impossible. They’ll be nothing left when I torch the house and watch it all wither all away. At least I’ll have the perfect ending to a perfect life.



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