Question Your Personal Philosophy

Life-Philosophy, personal philosophy

In my last post, I briefly discussed how everyone holds a personal philosophy. A personal philosophy is an accumulation of what you learn and experience during your life. It serves as a guideline for the way we think and act. We trust our personal philosophy and may even think of it as an undeniable truth. Today I took a step back and examined portions of my own personal philosophy. I looked closely and discovered my guideline was extremely flawed.

An example would be my former position on emotions and attachment. I convinced myself for the longest time that emotional attachment was a waste of time, but when I  take a step back and really think about it I know this an unhealthy thought. The point is, in order for me to mature I needed to reevalute bits of my personal philosophy. If we as people are to reach our highest point we must constantly evaluate our thoughts. Think of it this way: how can you reach success if your map is wrong?


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