Respecting Sobriety – Part Four


Cody reached out to shake my hand and I immediately felt a twinge of jealously. He had piercing blue eyes that were unintentionally intimidating yet inviting. In addition, he was 6’4, lean, and very muscular. Basically the ideal man. Cody’s only physical flaw was a long exaggerated scar that ran from the right side of his neck down, but this barely impeded on his raw attraction and his presence definitely made me feel inferior by comparison.

“So are you guys having a good time?” His voice was deep but pleasant at all once.

“Yeah we’re having a great time!” Kenzie replied, her face flushing bright red.

It all made sense to me now. I promptly excused myself and scanned the room for a drink. Vodka, rum, beer, tequila- anything would do. I just needed to drink until I couldn’t think anymore. After a bit of searching I found a teeny bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey. The honey colored liquid inside was just waiting to be consumed. I quickly unscrewed the top of bottle, braced myself for the intense burning, and drained two shots. My blood teetered with anger. Of course Kenzie would like him; he’s perfect! I took another few shots while powerfully clenching the bottle top in my left hand. The room slowly swayed left to right. The temperature rose and it keep getting hotter and hotter.

“Fuck! What’s so great about him anyway!”, It was getting harder to keep my thoughts to myself. I looked down at my right hand to examine the bottle; I still had about half of the whiskey left. I was determined to finish it no matter what. Jack is the only guy I could trust, he would never hurt me or lead me astray. My father used to say that all a man needs is a good job and a beer to be happy. I couldn’t agree more.


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