What We Value

Ever since I was seventeen, I constantly get asked the same questions over and over again.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Are you a virgin?”

“Why are you single?”

For the longest time I hesitated to answer these questions because my response was always “No I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m single and yeah I’m a virgin.” Admitting these things to people embarrassed me for some reason. Up until fairly recently I would avoid these questions like the plague, but now I feel comfortable sharing these things with people. So what was it that caused my change of heart? No, it wasn’t losing my virginity or getting a girlfriend. The answer is actually extremely simple: I decided that my value as a person is not tied to sex alone.

Sex is just a physical act, it doesn’t determine your value as a human being. I realized that the things I did value actually had nothing to do with sex at all. I value my self-esteem and confidence more than I value sex. Once I began looking at it from this perspective, I began to question why a person’s virginity was such a big deal. Our culture has become so sex obsessed that it has become a means to determine someone’s worth. Everyone could benefit from sitting down and asking themselves one simple question: “What do I value?”


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