Respecting Sobriety – Part 3


“Keegan are you still getting dressed in there?!” Kenzie shouted from behind the door. “It’s already 10 o’clock”

“Yeah one second.”

I just need to check my appearance one more time before heading out. I quickly opened the door to let in Kenzie and Pete. I had to resist staring at Kenzie as she strode into room, her wavy blonde hair bouncing with every step. She wore a perfect little black dress that stopped an inch above her knee. It was especially appealing the way dress emphasized her small curves, but didn’t dramatize them. The dress was accompanied by a pair of simple black flats and a neatly tied bow on the left side of her head. Taken in its entirety, that outfit could melt any mans heart on the spot. Pete sported a purple American Eagle dress shirt, blue plaid shorts and a pair of off white boat shoes. Not a exactly an original look but a good one nonetheless. I turned my attention back to Kenzie.

“You look nice”

“Thanks” Pete replied

“Not you idiot” I rolled my eyes at his blatant stupidity.

“Thank you Keegan! Pete you look as well.”

The night was still young when we made our way to Cody’s. The herds of drunk college kids had not even fully amassed yet. The three of us left Elwell in the dim glow of the summer night and headed down the hill past Carver Hall. None of us really minded walking since Iron Street is only a few blocks away from campus. On the way to the party we attracted dirty looks from the local Townees. Honestly I couldn’t blame them for hating the university students so much. With all the partying, loud noises, and drunken crime there wasn’t much of a reason to want us around. Finally, after about 10 minutes of walking, we reached a small white house. The exterior was shabby and uninviting, but the sound of music emanating from the basement alleviated my worries. Kenzie, Pete and I approached door, letting ourselves in. The delightful smell of vodka and orange juice lingered on the first floor.

“Hey Cody!” I heard Kenzie call one of the guys lost in the crowd. There was no immediate response and I was beginning to think I would never get a look at whoever this Cody was. Suddenly, a lanky white guy in all blue attire emerged from the crowd.

“Keegan, Pete, this is my friend Cody”


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