Top Ten Telltale Signs of a Nerd

Everyday nerd culture is slowly transitioning into pop culture. For nerds across the globe this is a positive phenomenon, but for the common folk there are many unforeseen consequences. One of which being that it is become increasing difficult to distinguish a normal human being from a nerdy one. I mean, how can I live with myself not knowing if the guy in front of me at starbucks is secretly fluent in Klingon? To help protect people from the imminent nerd threat, I’ve composed a list of qualities exhibited by most nerds.

10. Playing Video Games


Most nerds have no powers in our reality. To combat this, nerds have invented an electronic world with the help of video games. Many nerds spend most of their time and thrive in this setting. So if you see anyone that is intensely tapping on their smartphone, they’re probably playing a video game. Nerd.

9. Reading Books


Books = Boring.

8. Wearing Glasses


Long ago the first nerd made a deal with the gods in order to achieve an annoyingly high intellect in exchange for terrible eyesight. It’s in the mythology books, they just don’t teach that part in school because they’re scared of the nerd threat.

7. They’re Good With Computers


A fundamental trait to nerdism.

6. Reading Comic Books

comic books

Superheroes, insane storylines, and spandex! Also the closest any nerd male can get to a beautiful woman.

5. Dressing Nicely

nerd dress

Nerds follow a specific dress code so that they can easily identify each other in the wild.

4. Good At Trivia


Random trivia is one of the nerd’s greatest weapons. It allows the nerd to confuse and irritate with useless information at a moments notice!

3.  Wearing T-Shirts with Superhero Logos


Unlike some of the other qualities on this one irrefutably exposes an individual as a nerd. Wearing a t-shirt with a superhero symbol is the equivalent of wearing a gigantic flashing sign on your forehead that reads: “NERD HERE”.

2. Watching Anime/Reading Manga


Do I really need to explain this one?

1.  Frequently Blogging


In an effort to recruit more members to their cause nerds will often turn to web blogging to spread their poisonous ideologies.If you know anyone that exhibits 3 or more of these qualities contact your local law enforcement office immediately. If confrontation is necessary, approach with caution.


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