Respecting Sobriety – Part 2


College is a different animal entirely. Social norms dictate that students take a shot everyday day and to always carry a can of beer to help you study. The best part was that I was studying at Boozeburg- the drunken capital of Pennsylvania state schools. Despite being alcoholics, Pete and I managed to pass Freshman year with decent grade point averages…and now we were back. The same room, in the same hall as before; it was eerily nostalgic. None of the incoming freshman had arrived yet so there was nothing to do but sit around; Elwell was a ghost town. “Why the hell did I come back so early?” My voice echoed off the walls in the empty room.

*brrrrr* *brrrrrr*

I reached in my pocket to answer the muffled phone vibrations.


“Hey Keegan, are going to Cody’s tonight?”

Cody’s? This was my first time hearing about this. “Oh yeah Cody’s! What time was that supposed to be again?”

“10:30 tonight” I could hear Kenzie smiling through the phone, “See you there babe”

I slid my iPhone back into my pants pocket and tried to think, “Cody, Cody… who the hell is Cody?” I guess didn’t matter, but something about that name stood out to me.

The clock hits 9:30. Time to get ready for the party. Opening up the cabinet, I moved to the section reserved special occasions. Everything here was organized by name brand and functions. There’s Nautica for Greek parties, colorful Izod polo’s for casual mixers and at the very end, Polo Ralph Lauren which was only used for absolute emergencies. I ripped a silky black and blue striped Nautica button down off the hanger and began getting dressed. By the time I was done preparing it was already 10 o’clock. Suddenly a incessant rapping noise was coming from my room door.


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