The Meaning of Rhetoric

Here is a blog post I wrote for my college Technical Writing class


For some reason the first post on a new blog is always the most difficult one. I’ve maintained a personal blog for about a year now so you think I would have some clue as to where to start, but sadly that isn’t case. The guidelines for this blog are pretty simple. It just needs to have five-hundred fifty words and somehow be related to class. So where do I begin?

I left Technical Writing on Monday racking my brain for something to write about. The word count did not phase me, but trying to find a topic quickly turned into an annoyance. I blankly stared at my laptop screen hoping a spark of inspiration would magically find its way to my cranium. When that failed I burned through four episodes of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and moved on. Now it’s Tuesday night and I need to…

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