Movie Discussion – Snowpiercer (2013)


Director: Joon-ho Bong

Cast: Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton

Genre(s): Action, Sci Fi, Thriller

Due to a failed experiment that plunges the earth into an eternal ice age, what’s left humanity is forced to survive on an never ending train. Dissatisfied with the living conditions, Curtis (Chris Evans) helps led a revolution to take control of the locomotive.

Although the premise for Snowpiercer is odd, the movie delivers a satisfying and entertaining story. The movie begins in the tail end of train, which is equivalent to the slums. Here the people are cramped, dirty and treated like second class citizens. From the get go, the movie sets a very dark, bleak tone. Snowpiercer is not afraid to display some of the darker sides of humanity. Once the revolt takes place, the action really picks up. The fight scenes are visceral and entertaining and there is plenty of gore. While the movie is gruesome there was never a point where I felt it was excessive or unnecessary. Chris Evan’s performance amazed me throughout the entire film, I could feel the tension and anger of his constant struggle to survive.

From the synopsis, Snowpiercer seems to be blatantly commenting on class warfare or just the class system in general, but surprisingly that is not the case. The themes fall more along the lines of  questioning morality, humanity etc. With a refreshingly interesting plot and solid acting the film is definitely worth checking out.  Snowpiercer is a dark, unforgiving and above all entertaining.

Editors Note:The movie also i s very pretty! Each section has a theme: classroom, aquarium, and even a sushi bar! Honestly the movie could have been shit and I would have still enjoyed it because of the creativity.


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