Letters From The Editor: Tina’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2015


That’s right folks, Patrick AND I are giving a list of movies we are looking forward to! So get ready to get excited for movies.

American Sniper (Select theaters December 25, 2014, Everywhere January 16, 2015)

So this one is kind of cheating because it opened some places in 2014 but the theaters closest to me are opening it the 16th so I’m gonna give myself a pass on this one. The movie is about war and emotional toll, or thats what I got out of the trailer. Bradley Cooper is a great actor so it’s no surprise that this movie has already received a great amount of praise. I’ve been itching to watch it and am already positive I’ll like it.

Spare Parts (January 16, 2015)

Remember Freedom Writers from back in 2007? I do, and this movie reeks of the same basic plot formula. Alternative school? Check. Troubled but talented youths who want to succeed? Check. A caring teacher who goes out of his/her way to help students? Double check. The difference? Instead of writing about their individual experiences, the students want to enter an underwater robotics competition. Um, what? I’m guessing the director realized how similar the movies were and thought “What can I do to change up the plot?” I got it, underwater robots!” Why am I anticipating it after bitching this whole time? I love me some George Lopez. And hey! Is that Lava Girl in the trailer? AND Jaime Lee Curtis? Wow this is gonna be a great a movie!

Project Almanac (January 30, 2015)

This movie is here because I love mindfuck type movies. Time travel is a really interesting subject that always interested me and the idea that these kids not only figure it out but deal with the ripples they created is very interesting. I anticipate this to get O.K. reviews but I’ll probably really like it because it fits my interests.

Cinderella (March 13, 2015)

Attention Game of Thrones fans: Robb Stark is playing the prince! I wasn’t going to put Cinderella on the list because I much prefer the more modern Disney tales, but he has changed my mind! I’m willing to overlook the “two people fall in love in one night” trope for gorgeous Richard Madden.

Insurgent (March 20, 2015)

Part of the Divergent series, this is the second of three (probably four) movies. If you’ve read the books, you’re probably as excited as I am. Divergent really captured the book well and Shailene Woodley is a wonderful actress.


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