TV DISCUSSION – Black Mirror

Black Mirror

One lonely Saturday evening, I decided to hop on Netflix in search of something to hold off my everlasting boredom. Similar to every other Netflix user I had no idea what I wanted to watch. I had almost given up when I remembered someone recommended I watch Black Mirror. Initially I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but Black Mirror turned out to be one of Netflix’s many hidden gems.


Hundreds of options, but nothing you want to watch

The show itself is difficult to describe with my best attempt so far being “ it’s like the Twilight Zone except with technology.” Unlike traditional tv series there is no serialized plot, but rather individual stories contained within each episode. In addition to a different plot, every episode also has an entirely different cast (Kind of like American Horror Story). Like I mentioned before, the only relation the episodes have with each other is they all involve technology.

Seasons 1 and 2 combined are only six episodes long, but it is well worth the watch. All the plots in Black Mirror are directed to make the viewer question the use of technology. The amazing acting and directing are also pivotal to the show. After watching all six episodes an eerie familiarity creep over me to some of the scenes. I felt all the the plots depicted could potentially take place if our society is not careful of how we use technology. A unique show with a powerful central theme, Black Mirror is definitely not a show to pass up on.


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