Farewell 2014

Dear 2014,

It has been an incredible year. A year filled with great learning experiences, good times, and wonderful memories. This is the year where I found my ambition and pushed my abilities further than I thought possible. This is the year where I met great new friends and allowed others to help me grow into a better man. Yes 2014 was an amazing year, but it would be a ignorant to exclude the bad times. The times where I felt crushed by the pressures of the world, when I caved in to my insecurities and was misguided by fear. In the end, both the good and bad times helped shape me into what am I now. Even with all those lessons that 2014 gave me I still have much to learn. There are still struggles to overcome and dreams to be made. I will not forget all that you taught me. Thank you for a wonderful year.




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