At This Point

The end of the year is quickly approaching and I oftentimes look back and think, “Where was I last year at this point in time?” It’s interesting to reflect on the past and see how much has changed or stayed the same. So in this post I will share where I was last year at this point in time.

At this point last year:

At this point last year I was a first year college student with no job. I struggled with getting organized and remembering to do homework. I was also extremely addicted to videogames. After a few bad experiences, I finally got my shit together and succeeded in most of my classes. My biggest stress did not come from classes, but from old personal issues. My self esteem and confidence were constantly at risk as I grappled with relationships and potentially finding a partner. It was also at this point that I tried to erase my past and redefine myself and vowed that I would become the best I could be.


Now I am a second year college student with a job as a Community Assistant. I am better at taking care of school and academics but there’s always room for improvement. After stumbling and struggling, I have finally developed a sense of purpose and ambition. A side effect of this new found ambition is the lack of a personal life. I am more distant than ever and mostly spend my time alone. In addition, my self esteem and confidence are at an all time high. However, the one thing I still struggle with is women. I decided that I do not want a relationship or any unnecessary emotional attachments. Having a love life would only distract me from my goals. In my free time I ponder philosophical questions for Life Blog.

Now that I have shared my journey take a moment to reflect. Where were you at this point last year?


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