Letters From the Editor: What to Watch on Netflix


Have you ever logged on to Netflix and found yourself spending hours trying to find something actually worth your time? I sure have and it’s probably my biggest pet peeve. I found myself wishing for a guide or a list that would review the obscure movies and tv shows on Netflix so I could spend less time looking and more time watching.

Here I am, reluctantly offering to do that for you fine people! I’ll review old and new movies as well as all genres to help out as many people as possible. I figure this will be a topic I post every month or so (I do have a lot of school work to get to after all) and if you guys like it I’ll maybe do it more often!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell

Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance

Netflix description: A blonde showgirl is unknowingly tracked by an investigator hired by her fiancé’s father. But the detective only has eyes for her brunette friend.

My review: This movie is great if you enjoy musicals and older pictures. It’s genuinely funny and Marilyn Monroe sings the classic “Diamond are a girl’s best friend” song. She basically plays a gold digger that meets an older man on a cruise liner and tries to go after his money. It’s comical and the performances are great. It’s a wonderful and light movie.


You’re Next (2011)

Starring: No one familiar, cool Australian actress

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Independent, Slasher

Netflix description: A shy girl goes to her new boyfriend’s family reunion and must join their bloody fight for survival when a gang of masked hooligans invades the party.

My review: This movie, while I remember seeing commercials for it, didn’t garner a lot of popularity and I was surprised to find none of my friends had seen it. I’ll be the first to say, the acting can seem sort of bad at times (especially the mom) but the main character, the Australian chick, puts on a great performance and is totally badass. If you like slasher flicks and strong female roles, this movie is absolutely for you! Also, points to Netflix for using “hooligans” in their description.

Those are the two for now, I will make sure to check out more movies and tv and try to make the lists friendly to all genres and both men and women! Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen these movies and what you think!


2 thoughts on “Letters From the Editor: What to Watch on Netflix

    • Gentlemen Prefer Blonds is really a great film! But as for You’re Next, it not so much horror as it is a gory movie. If you don’t mind blood, it isn’t too scary!

      -The Editor

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