Alter Ego


Hahaha! You think you know you are? I am you and you are me. I know you think I’m obnoxious, but hear me out. Life isn’t worth chasing abstract concepts like justice, happiness, or love. What matters is the physical: Money, luxury, power. You can’t touch a concept or theory, but you can feel gold. You can touch it and declare it has value. You can say that’s it’s yours, that you earned it with your own hands. You can’t do that with emotion or with people. People will inevitably hurt you and betray you, and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it! Discard those flimsy human emotions and join me. Money is logical, predictable. Unshackle yourself from bearing the burden of living with emotion, put aside all the feelings and unending suffering. Together we don’t have to feel anything, as our actions are founded purely in reason.


Your offer is very tempting. I’ve been struggling with human emotions my entire existence. Anger, sadness, jealousy, and fear are all hoops I constantly juggle. Sometimes the pain is just too deep. My body is bombarded with a brew of negative thoughts and emotions that just won’t let up. They cascade and crash upon the the thin walls of my mind. They leave me disabled and misshapen. Amongst all the wreckage, I look around and see nothing. No one is here to help, I am alone. Over the years, there are many more storms. Some big, some small, but it’s different this time. People are there to rescue, to help clear the wreckage. I move past the wanton destruction and sail forward. In time I find happiness, friendship, and love. But it’s only a matter of time until the next storm hits. Do I let go of all feeling and become numb to protect myself? Or should I stand through the hurricane and hope there is someone there to help clear the wreckage afterwards? Either way it seems I’m screwed.

Only you and I can decide. Ultimately there is no right answer, no definitive solution. No matter what you decide I will always be there. The thought you cling to in your darkest hour. Forever watching and waiting. Your alter ego.


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