Opinions: Pills and Paddles

The internet is always abuzz with people’s opinions and reactions on topics of every possible subject. Skimming through YouTube comment sections, I discovered that there are two types of online commenters: One that uses a pill and one that use a paddle.

What exactly does it mean to use a pill vs. a paddle? Pills and paddles is an analogy I came up with to describe how people present their opinions. People who use paddles carry around their opinion like it’s a beating stick. They think their opinions is always “right”. If you disagree with paddlers, they beat you senseless with their viewpoint until you submit. When their opinion is opposed, they resort by barraging their opposer with insults. Traditionally, we call these individuals “trolls”. People who use pills to deliver their opinion are generally more open minded and rationale. They offer their opinion in the form of a pill, whether you decide to consume it or not is entirely up to you.

Don’t be a paddler, carrying around your opinion like a beating stick will only make people resent you.


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