It’s been two years since my old iPod has been active, so when it turned back on I didn’t know what to expect. A little bit of browsing made me relive silly old photos, outdated apps and Pinger text messages that no longer hold any relevance. It wasn’t until I tapped on the Notes app that found something interesting. Buried in a sea of daily reminders and uncompleted to-do lists, I found a note titled “truths”. This note contained mini blurbs of writing from two years ago. I wrote these at a time when the world felt much crueler and my emotions were based in cynicism and hatred. Reading each sentence made me feel anxious, did I really feel that way? It felt like reading a strangers diary. Part of me was relieved, however, because these “truths” prove how much I’ve grown since that time.


And so I’ve decided to share these old pieces with you all. I will post them separately within a few day of each other. Here are the titles to each piece:


Black Sheep


The Unobtainable


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