The Advantages To Having An Editor

I’ve been blogging with the help of my unpaid editor for about two months now and everything seems to be going smoothly. If you’re a blogger who is deciding whether to recruit an editor or not, then here’s a list of advantages to consider.


Everyone knows it’s spelled “skool”

Misspell Everything!

Sumtimes I purposlee Ms. Spell things just to give my editor sumthing to do. How could I not? It would be like owning a car, but deciding to walk everywhere anyway. Did I mention she’s not getting paid?


Finally Have Someone To Blame!

Why be responsible and accept your mistakes when you can blame someone else? Having an editor finally allows me to blame someone else for my mistakes! You think my writing is uninspiring, painstakingly dull and repetitive? That’s the editors fault. You think Life Blog is a massive heaping pile of shit?! Blame the editor, not me! Global warming is at an all time high and the entire eastern coast of the United States will be engulfed in a massive tidal wave in less than 48 hours!?! Okay, maybe I had something to do with that one. By the way, my editor doesn’t get paid hehe.


Like music to my ears

FREE Labor!  

Something about the word “free” elicits an intense sensation of euphoria and excitement from deep within my soul. Just think about it for a minute. Not only do I have someone working for me, but I don’t have to pay them! Luckily she doesn’t know that Life Blog generates an average of 200 billion dollars per view. I guess I’ll just keep pretending that I blog for free.

What do you guys think? Are there any advantages I missed? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I would love any feedback!


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