What Am I Writing For?

Sometimes we just got to stop and think “Why am I doing this?”. The answer could be something simple like, “because I want to”. My entire life, I’ve been a writer, but I’ve never stopped to ask “What am I writing for?”. Am I simply writing without a purpose? After some heavy thinking, I think I finally found the answer. Here I have listed my reasons for writing and what I hope to accomplish.

To sort myself out – Writing helps me sift through my thoughts and gain a perspective on the world around me. If I ever feel lost or need a sense of direction I can write until I figure it out.

To share what I feel – Communicating what I feel through language is easiest way to relieve any pain I endure. Sharing what I feel is the easiest way to find comfort.

To beautify the world around me – Words have the power bring beauty to even the most grotesque objects. I want to master that power.

To build connections – Reading and writing blogs can bring me closer to someone who shares a similar interest or viewpoint. Writing has also exposed me to many unique perspectives from others looking to build connections.

So why do you write? What motivates you to go on? I would love to hear from other writers!


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