The Fear of Being Weird


What? This is how I dress

Everyone holds a fear of something; whether it be unique to the individual, or common to many. A fear that almost all of us have is the fear of being weird. We fear it so much, that it is always on our mind, affecting and suppressing our daily decisions. What if I told you this is an irrational fear?

We shouldn’t censor ourselves or hesitate to share our opinions because we fear being socially ostracized by our peers. People kill themselves to fit in and be normal, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: No one is normal. That’s right, not a single person you know is normal. Sure some people may be less strange than others, but no one can truly be normal, no matter how much we try.


Weird but pretty cool

This is great because being weird is what ultimately makes us human. If everyone was normal, life would be unbearably dull. Creativity and seeing reality in a way that others can’t, has ultimately benefitted the human race. Many people probably thought the Wright Brothers were weird for trying to create a flying machine. When someone first pitched the idea for a network where people could connect around the world (aka internet) people probably laughed in their face. Also, I’m sure the first guy to discover milk got some funny looks too. Maybe the world could use more weird.

*Disclaimer: there’s a difference between being weird and being creepy. Don’t be a creep 🙂

Perfect example of a creep

Perfect example of a creep


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