MOVIE DISCUSSION – Hercules (2014)



Dwayne Johnson tackles the role of the mighty Hercules in this summer action flick. Does the movie live up to expectations or does is disgrace the mighty gods of mount Olympus? Here are some of my thoughts on the film.


  • Progresses at a good pace
  • Great action scenes
  • Does not deviate from the main story
  • Dwayne Johnson plays the role perfectly
  • Very entertaining
  • Not overly corny like other action movies.


  • Some aspects of the story feel like they’re skimmed over.
  • Trailers feel misleading after actually watching the film.
  • There are points where the movie is very predictable.
  • Some of the scene cuts happen way too fast

Closing Thoughts

  • This movie kept my attention the entire time and was entertaining.
  • I like that this movie isn’t long and the runtime feels perfect for what this movie is trying to accomplish.
  • Overall the movie isn’t anything groundbreaking or spectacular. It’s just a fun summer action movie.

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