Summer Movie List 2014 – Completed

Movie Reel

In the beginning of the summer, I compiled a list of movies that I wished to watch before the summer was through. The plan was to give scores to every movie I watched on this list. However, I felt that leaving a comment was suffice. Movies marked with an (*) are new additions to the original list.

So without further delay I present the completed list:


Dallas Buyers Club – Great performance by main cast. Matthew Mcconaughey is a rebel, hardass, and above all a survivor.


Frozen – Stunning visuals, catchy songs, almost cried at the end (almost) However, if the moral of the story is to not marry someone after a day, then why did she end up with a guy she meets after two days?.

download (1)

12 Years a Slave – Very powerful story. Sad, recommended watch, good soundtrack.

download (3)

Her – Unique and sad movie, brings up interesting questions about love, relationships and technology.

download (2)

Saving Mr. Banks – Inspiring story, Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were great.

download (4)

We’re The Millers – Pretty funny, Jennifer Aniston proves that Brad Pitt was stupid because she’s still very hot.

download (5)

This is The End – Incredibly funny

download (6)

Identity Thief – Funny but a bit stale at some parts


Here Comes The Boom – Not as funny as I was expecting but the ending is great.

download (7)

Silver Linings Playbook – Knew I was going to love this movie from the beginning, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are great, very enjoyable movie


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US) – Dark, gritty and disturbing at parts, overall a good movie

download (8)

Drive – Slow start, Strange and unexpectedly intense, long awkward pauses in dialogue are annoying.

download (9)

300 – Spartans are fucking insane!


Titanic – Good movie, great love story, could have been SHORTER, great performance by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


Scarface –  Not a bad movie, a bit strange to see Al Pacino so young and….Cuban. “Say hello to my little friend!”


The Godfather Trilogy – Good movies, can see why they are classics, liked the second film the most. “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

download (10)

Good Fellas – A classic mob movie, fun to watch, main character is not likable at all.

download (11)

Pulp Fiction – Samuel Jackson is AMAZING “English motherfucker! Do you speak it?”

download (12)

Reservoir Dogs – “I’m fucking dying here!” great movie,

download (13)

Oldboy (2003) – Very intriguing and engaging, ending is interesting and thought provoking A bit convoluted.

download (14)

The Raid:Redemption – Awesome fights, super-violent, mediocre English dubs, recommended in it’s original language.


*American Hustle – Amy Addams really steals the show, brilliant film. Jennifer Lawrence gives a great performance as well.


*Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 – Extremely cool movies with great fight scenes


*Battle Royale – I’m lost on what the story is about, but the movie is pretty good. The ending is confusing though

images (1)

*Sin City ­– Very unique, stylized black and white is great


*Oldboy (2013) – Great remake, stays close to the original, but feels like its own film.

download (15)

*Machete – Absolutely ridiculous, but fun to watch


* Machete Kills – 4 times more insane than the first movie and still very fun to watch.

download (16)

*Edge of Tomorrow – Emily Blunt is much more interesting than Tom Cruise, pretty solid story, love the appearance of the aliens.


*Godzilla (2014) – Movie is better than what I was expecting, The monster fights are entertaining, story actually makes sense.

download (17)

* 22 Jump Street – Just as good as 21 Jump Street, Got some really great laughs in

download (18)

*Deliver Us From Evil –Not a bad movie overall, but a terrible horror movie filled with cheap jump scares.


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