Secret Saturday: New and Improved!


At some point in everyone’s life we decide that it’s time to redefine ourselves and become the best we can be. How we go about improving ourselves, however, is different for every individual. Once we achieve our goals of change and feel satisfied, how do we stay that way?

Confession: I am afraid of relapsing into my old ways.

Over the past few years I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and subsequently, learned from them. Sometimes, I fear that all the mistakes and pain I’ve endured will be for naught. How could I go on knowing that I am doomed to repeat the same mistakes as before? Is life just an infinite cycle of being hurt and healing? Just the thought frightens me. Part of the reason I created Life Blog was to pursue self-improvement and track my progress. History is my teacher and I will learn from my past experiences. I absolutely refuse to fall back into the same patterns and mistakes.




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