Mystery Woman


I slowly open my eyes as the sun’s rays dimly peer through the cracks in the blinds. Early morning approaches eliminating the dark shadows of nighttime. Lying there, I suddenly get a whiff of cherry blossom, light and intoxicating. I then realize that in front of me is a woman. Her curly brown hair scatters against a pillow and I can feel it itching parts of my face. I’m not quite sure who she is or how she ended up here. Her body is close and warm so I remain still. No harm staying like this for a while longer. My eyelids slowly close again as I watch the back of her head. When I open my eyes again she’s gone.

“Where is she? And why did she leave?”

Then it hits me like a two ton semi-truck.

“It was…… a dream?”

That couldn’t be true. A dream? She felt more real than anything I’d ever experienced. Her warmth and the faint scent of cherry blossoms were all a mirage of my lethargic mind. Disappointment flooded my body; I knew she was never actually there. I lie back down and return to sleep.



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