“It’s good to look forward toward the future but if you look too far ahead you’ll miss what’s in the present”


2 thoughts on “Present

  1. Spoiler Alert: I read the books in one giant binge read (they are the literary equivalent of potato chips)

    My Wish List Which Also Contains Spoilers:
    MORE DAENERYS: I know that’s unrealistic because there are other characters but as you point out, they can certainly afford more CGI and fantastical elements. More dragons! More fire! More mass executions!
    ARYA ARYA ARYA: The one true moment of humour in the entire series was when Arya burst out laughing when she heard her aunt had died. Whoever wrote that into the script needs a promotion. That kind of fatalistic humour seems necessary in such a bleak world.
    LESS JON SNOW: I know he’s a major character but I so don’t care about him and WHERE ARE THE WHITE WALKERS? Five minutes ago it was a snow zombie invasion and now they’ve just…what, melted?
    LESS NAKED LADIES/MORE NAKED MEN: Either level the playing field on who gets naked (more dudes please) or make fewer people get naked (less ladies please).

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