Food For Thought


As a frequent writer/blogger I’m always searching for new ideas. Not a day goes by where my mind isn’t buzzing with dozens of little thoughts just waiting to be transferred into words on a screen. As time went on, I eventually realized that my best writing usually comes after I’ve eaten a good meal, but why is that so?

Think about the process of eating for a moment. Most dishes require an eating utensil, lifting the food to your mouth then chewing and swallowing. It’s a simple process, but whenever I eat, an entirely different scenario occurs. Usually after the second or third bite, my mind goes idle, entering an almost hypnotic state. I guess you could say it’s very similar to daydreaming. I’m still entirely aware of my surroundings, but I can sift through my ideas much more easily.

After noticing this about myself, I’ve been asking the same questions over and over again: Does anyone else experience this sort of daydreaming while eating? What other activities trigger this strange feeling of clarity? I still do not have any answers but it is interesting to think about.


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