TV DISCUSSION – The Flash Series Wish List


With The Flash coming to TV in the fall I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to create a list of things I hope to see in the show once it arrives.

A Lighter Tone

Arrow did well with its darker themes and adult tones, but I think that The Flash should change it up. A character like The Flash has always had a lighter, less serious feel. Of course, drama is necessary for any good TV show, but let’s keeps it light.

Interesting and Compelling Villains

The Flash is a great superhero and every great hero needs a great villain (in this case super-villains). There are plenty of iconic super-villains which could be adapted for the small screen, but viewers need someone interesting and compelling for this show to really thrive.

Green Arrow Team Up

We know that both Arrow and The Flash occupy the same universe. Now think about how cool would it be to see these two join forces! This is what the fans want!

Character Growth

What is great about all superheroes is watching them struggle and eventually become the hero of their stories. I want this show to create a connection between Barry Allen and the viewer. The best superheroes are the ones you can relate to.

Detective Elements

For those who don’t know DC stands for Detective Comics. Although these characters have superpowers they are still detectives. The Flash series is the perfect place to add in more detective and investigative elements originally found in the comic books.

What do you guys want to see? Leave your wish list in the comments below!


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