TV DISCUSSION – Arrow Season 3 Wish List


Here is a list of things I hope to see in season 3 of Arrow this coming fall.*Minor Spoiler Alert

Avoid Destroying Starling City

Both seasons of Arrow were great, but both seasons had central plots that lead to the inevitable destruction of Starling City. Let’s try something new for this season.

A Stable Roy Harper

Roy got it pretty rough in season 2 and by the end of the season he finally rose to the occasion. After being through so much it would be great to see Roy become completely stable. He also has to be a reliable partner for Oliver moving forward.

More A.R.G.U.S.

Argus played an interesting role in Arrow’s second season. Working from the shadows, this organization has greatly influenced Oliver’s actions and decisions. I am very excited to see more of Amanda Waller in the future.


I’m just pumped to watch more episodes of Arrow!

What are you guys excited for? Leave your wish list in the comments below!


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