Small Changes to Life Blog


Hello Readers! This update is just to inform people that I have made a few small changes to my Life Blog. They’re all fairly small changes, but I thought I would inform everyone anyways!

New Theme!

Life Blog is now using the Hemingway Rewritten theme instead of the old Reddle one. I figured it was about the right time for a change in theme.

Follow By Email

At the bottom of the page I have now included the option to follow Life Blog via Email. I realize that not everyone has a WordPress account and this feature makes it easier for those people.


Apparently my grammar and word use is horrendous so now I have an editor. Her name is Tina Figueroa and so far she’s done a pretty good job on the last two posts. (Keep in mind she’s not getting paid for this).


From now on every blog post will be written in a language that I have made up myself. This way no one will understand what I am talking about but I still reach a broad audience. (P.S. this is a joke)

Yep, so that’s all the changes! Do you guys like the new theme or was the old one better? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment! I would love any feedback!

*Editor’s Note*

I hope I can live up to my expectations as basically an unpaid intern and not let any grammar mistakes tarnish this blog!


2 thoughts on “Small Changes to Life Blog

  1. Thank Greg for an editor because sometimes I would sit here for days, sometimes years, trying to understand what the hell you were trying to say because you arrange your sentences like a word search puzzle.

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