TV DISCUSSION – Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 2 Wish List


With season one over of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and season two getting green lit I feel that it’s about time to pull out my wish list for this series. Here are things I hope to see in the second season that would greatly improve the show.*Minor spoiler alert

Subtle Easter Eggs

My main gripe with the first few episodes of Agents of Shield is just how in your face the show was with references to The Avengers. It was cool at first but it got old quickly, very quickly. I really don’t mind easter eggs here and there, just don’t force them down the viewers throats.

More Guest Stars

One thing that season one did really well is introduce great guest stars for plot specific episodes. Bringing in more guest stars like they did for Lady Sif and Maria Hill would do the show great justice. It would also remind us that Agents is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with bogging down viewers with easter eggs and references, which leads to my next point.


Better Continuity with Marvel Cinematic Universe

The big selling point for Agents of SHIELD is that it is occurring with the same timeline as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although we were told this it wasn’t until Captain America: The Winter Solider when the events of the movies actually seemed to affect the show. I know this a first for a tv series to connect with movies but that is exactly why there needs to be stronger continuity.

More Character Development

Another great side effect of Captain America: The Winter Solider is that it finally added an interesting layer to the main cast. If season two can continue to evolve and develop great characters than that would be fantastic!


More Superheros/Supervillians

 I really don’t mind the lack of superheros and supervillians in the show, but I do believe that this addition would add an interesting component to the second season. Honestly I wouldn’t even mind if they created a new superhero/supervillian just for the show.

So what do you guys think? What do you want to see in Agent’s of Shield second season? Leave a comment and share this post! I would love any feedback!


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