TV DISCUSSION – 24: Live Another Day Impressions



This summer I have been keeping up with 24: Live Another Day and so far I’m pretty impressed by what the show has put forth. Keep in mind that I have not watched any of the earlier seasons so this is an unbiased review. Let’s go over some good and bad things going on so far.

The Good

The action scenes are pretty solid and it still retains the suspense & urgency that made 24 interesting to watching in the first place, but what I find the most interesting is the characters.

Everyone knows Jack Bauer, but every other character on this show is motivated by their own personal agenda. So far Kate Morgan is my favorite addition to 24. She’s a brilliant agent who constantly has to prove herself because of her husband’s treason. Her instincts are usually spot on, but no one ever listens. There is also Steve Navarro, President James Heller, Adrian Cross and many more.

With all these characters there are a lot of moving parts and different pieces at work, which the show does well with managing. I can follow Jack’s efforts to stop an attack and still understand side plot issues without any trouble.

The Bad

Sometimes the CG is a bit corny looking at times, especially whenever a drone is shown.

It really annoys me that everyone blames Kate for her husband’s *alleged treason. That just doesn’t make any sense.

Most of the issues I have with the show are small things which are easily overlooked. So far Live Another Day is looking like a solid come back for the 24 series.

What do you guys think? Do this season live up to the reputation of 24? Let me know in the comments! I would love any feedback!


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