Superhero Movies & Managing Expectations


Starting from early childhood I have always been amazed and fascinated by superheroes and comic books. At about 13 I amassed a collection of over 100 different comic books of all sorts. It didn’t matter if it was Marvel, DC or some other company; I was in love with the characters themselves. What’s even luckier is I was lucky to grow during the Golden Age of superhero flicks. Finally my favorite heroes and villains were brought to life with the magic of cinema. This is great, but recently I’ve noticed a change in how we consume superhero movies. People have started expecting more and more from superhero movies, but is this justified?


Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was both a blessing and a curse for the superhero genre. Grounded in realism, Nolan’s batman proved superhero films could be serious and still make a lot of money (IN this case 2.5 billion globally). The downside is that viewers and fans alike now hold every superhero movie to Nolan’s trilogy as the gold standard. By doing this people begin to take away what makes superheroes great in the first place: fun.


What I expect, more than anything from a superhero movie is that it is fun. It does not need to be compelling, inspirational or revolutionary. It just needs to be fun and entertaining. Not every superhero movie can or should be The Dark Knight. Audiences watch superhero flicks to escape reality and watch the impossible unfold before their eyes on the big screen. Sure films in this genre can tackle adult themes and issues, but once you remove what is great about superheroes in the first place than you’ve missed the mark entirely. It is important to manage our expectations. My advice is expect to be entertained, not blown away.


So what do you guys think? Should we have high expectations for superhero movies? Leave a comment below, I would love any feedback!


2 thoughts on “Superhero Movies & Managing Expectations

  1. I agree with you. There are so many great Superhero movies out there and most of them just get mocked. As you said, they don’t have to be deep or serious… Green Lantern is a good example, I mean yeah it was Ryan Reynolds, but it was also Green Lantern and fun, and therefore awesome!

    I’m pretty excited about the new movies DC and Warner have planned. Can’t wait to hear who will play Wonder Woman.

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