Why I Hate Social Media


I use some form of social media almost every day and sometimes I just hate it. Social media is great for reaching and connecting with people, but like anything else it does have some downsides. This is simply a list of everything that irks me about social media.

Everyone is the NSA

Social media allows any and everyone to creep on you and know things that they wouldn’t normally know. Facebook pretty much serves as tool for researching information about everyone around you.  What’s worse is if you aren’t careful you could lose your job or get trouble because of what you put online.


Makes you feel shitty

Inevitably when people begin browsing through social media they begin comparing their life to thier online friends. Naturally there will be people who get 40 likes every status while you get excited with a measly 4 likes. Not everyone can be mister (or miss) popular so there is really no point in getting depressed over the number of likes you have.

Keeps you from actually being social

Social media was created to connect people and keep them in touch with one another but often times it can do the opposite. Instead of going out and hanging out with friends people will spend hours taking selfies, looking through statuses and “liking” photos. What’s the point of using social media if your aren’t actually being social?



The crowd jewel of internet comedy; memes. I enjoy a good ol fashioned meme as much as the next blogger but it gets old quick. Honestly have the time I have no idea what the joke is even about, but of course social media users love this little trinkets of comedy.


Have you ever gone to watch that episodeThe Walking Dead you missed, but then accidentally went on Facebook? Odds are you instantly regretted that decision as every conceivable plot spoiler has just been unleashed unto your eyes. This has happens to me so often that I refuse to use any form of social media until I am fully caught up. Come on people don’t spoil the show!



Holy fuck! Everyone and there mom uses hashtags. It’s gonna so bad that people have begun using them im real life speak. Now I don’t mind a simple hashtag like #wcw or #tbt. I get annoyed when I see things like #thishashtagislongerthanafuckingsentenceandalllookslikeoneword. No but really let’s keep the hashtags short and sweet.

What do you guys think? Do I need more hashtags? Leave a comment below, I would love any feedback!


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Social Media

  1. About your third point: I really liked this video. It pretty much explains everything that’s wrong with the so-called social media.

    Of course, I use it too. Maybe to much. But I try to keep it down and don’t waste all my time updating my status and hashtag through the web.

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