Why I Stopped Playing Video Games


As an avid video game lover and gamer people are always perplexed when I explain to them that I no longer play video games. What could have possibly led me to give up something that I enjoy so much? Well my reasons really are quite simple.

The Next Gen

When I gave up my Xbox 360 and subsequently all of my games video games were in a strange place. With the next generation consoles released the gaming industry’s focus shifted to primarily developing software for these platforms. Even though games are still made for 360 and PS3 they just do not look as fun anymore. The power in the Xbox One and PS4 systems and potential for new innovative gaming experiences contributed to my decision to abandon my old tech.



I owned my Xbox 360 for about five years before finally getting tired of it. I experienced all the great Assassins Creeds, Call of Duty’s, Halo’s and Rockstar games of that generation and it was starting to get old. At some point I felt like every new game I played was just a polished up version of the previous installment (with the exception of GTA V). If playing games is no longer fun then what is the point in playing?



As any gamer knows time seems to disappear whenever you begin playing. To those who don’t know what feels like minutes is actually hours in respect to gaming. Video games can be so immersive that they pull people and keep them there. Meanwhile the gamer completely disregards their surroundings and easily loses track of time. It was especially bad for me because I was extremely addicted. Any free time I had was spent in front of the tv bashing noobs online or in single player campaign. I no longer wanted my console to control my life so I gave it up.



One of the biggest reason’s by far. The truth is console gaming can be a pretty expensive hobby. There’s the initial $300-400 for the console, $50-60 for extra controllers and the games themselves are sixty bucks a piece. Oh and let’s not forget an additional $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold. No job and scarce funds; it was clear something had to be sacrificed.

But of course once a gamer always a gamer! I just play on my pc now. So what do you guys think? Are these valid reasons or am I a mad man? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Playing Video Games

  1. I can’t help but to agree on every term.

    I stopped playing like half a year ago, because everything is just the same old shit with better graphics. It just doesn’t make fun anymore. Maybe I start agein when something good comes out, like Heavy Rain 2 or something like that. But until then I have to find ways to waste my time otherwise. Like writing blogs and stuff like that.

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