I Owe You An Explanation….

Image Life Blog has been dry of content for about 3 weeks now. Naturally some may be thinking, “What the hell were you doing?” So before anyone ask I will answer that question. Keep in mind that I can’t remember every single detail but this list should be fairly thorough.

Starting Summer Movie, TV, and Anime Watch Lists!

So far I’ve only hit a couple of the movies, none of the tv shows and 1 anime on my lists but I will update those posts soon! The one anime I watched so far is Deathnote. The movies I’ve watched include Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and 300. I have also been keeping up with tv series 24: Live Another Day on Fox, The Boondocks on Adult Swim and Game of Thrones on HBO. Image Enjoying New Summer Movies! So far I have seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla and X-men: Days of future past.

Dealing with writer’s block I had a pretty bad case of chronic writers block for the longest time. I just couldn’t get back into the flow of writing on a regular basis.

Trying to achieve goals My first priority is getting my drivers license and finding a summer job. Then there’s all these other miscellaneous tasks and chores I get bogged down with too. Hopefully I actually pass the road test this time! Image Hiking  I wish to be one with nature.

Dorney Park on Mother’s Day! Roller Coaster scare the shit out of me, but I still went to celebrate my mom’s special day. It was actually really fun!


I didn’t this picture but this does show what they have in the store

Going to a Japanese Supermarket in New Jersey 

The place is called Mitsuwa Marketplace. It’s pretty cool the stores sells authentic Japanese food and supermarket products. Last time I went I got green tea ice cream (which is pretty good) and an aloe drink. It’s definitely a place worth checking out.


I found this free to play game on steam called Warfame and it is surprisingly fun. It’s a third person shooter and you play as an alien/corparateassassin/badass. The graphics are really nice on this game too.

Hanging out with friends,Sleeping,Partay, Youtube…

Just the typical boredom killers of everyday life

Leave any comments or feedback if you have any! I would greatly appreciate it!


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