I Found The Cure!!


After two weeks of chronic writers block it seems that I have finally found the cure!

Firstly I should apologize to my readers because I have not been producing content as much I would have liked to recently. Honestly I even considered giving up on blogging. Once finals were over I lost all ambition for Life Blog and slacked off. Seriously though, I have more time than ever but I blog less. Now I am ready to get back on the metaphorical wagon and start churning out those life observations posts!

The “cure” to my writers block is Yahoo Answers. Now you may be thinking “Um what?”, but let me explain. So it’s about 1:30 in the morning and oddly enough I can’t sleep. Like most other people there is just too much to think about to allow my brain to rest. At this point I remember the late nights I spent answering and asking questions on Yahoo answers last summer. The reason I loved it so much was because I got to hear what people had to say and bounce ideas off them. Bam! Epiphany hits me and I realize that why I love blogging too! So I will try to get my lazy ass back into shape and continuously write from now on.

Don’t be shy, leave any comments or feedback!


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