Beware of Vemma!


Today I was almost tricked into joining Vemma, an elaborate energy drink selling pyramid scheme which takes advantage of vulnerable and young college students. Introduced to this “business opportunity” by a friend of mine I was immediately skeptical of the promise of gaining a lot of money fast. Despite my skepticism I accompanied him to an interest meeting. For about 6 hours I was told about the incredible success of Verve (a Vemma product), how people where getting rich and the promise of a new car by the end of summer! Brainwashed and excited I failed to question the legitimacy of this company for myself. On the surface this looks like a legitimate business but digging deeper will reveal the true nature of this sketchy business model.

Frustrated that I was almost fooled into joining this scheme I have decided to take action against Vemma and it’s questionable business methods.I feel morally obligated to warn people about this so below I’ve included a link to my AntiVemma Facebook Page.


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