TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 22 SEASON FINALE “Son of Man”



CW’s The Tomorrow People ends on a high note with an awesome season finale. Hopefully the show receives a renewal for a second season and continuation of the next major plot line.



Rodger is forced into the Arc in the beginning of episode, meanwhile Jed rushes into Ultra with his newfound abilities to save him. Jed is already too late and the machine threatens to kill every human its blast radius. Left without any other options Rodger forces Jed to kill him to save the humans. This scene really struck me because it highlighted Rodger and Jedikiah’s strong brotherhood. Seeing Jed mourn the lost of his brother was sadder than seeing Stephen mourn Rodger’s death; it just felt more authentic. I’m a bit disappointed that Rodger is gone though. For the supposed “savior” his return was disappointing and very short lived.


Evil Natalie

I was not surprised at all to see Natalie working with the Founder. It’s relieving to know that Russell will not follow in her footsteps. This woman has been causing trouble from day one. What’s worse is she along with all the other Ultra paranormals can now kill and after the Founder was defeated Natalie ruthlessly shot Cara out of nowhere! If the show does return for a second season she will definitely be the girl we love to hate.


Stephen’s New Powers!?!

After defeated the Founder and chucking him into a blackhole-vortex-portal thingy Stephen absorbed his dad’s abilities from the Arc. This effectively makes him the strongest tomorrow person alive. After Cara was shot and killed in cold blood Stephen reversed time and prevented her death. Reserved time! That’s pretty awesome! Hopefully he gains new abilities and learns how to use them. Stephen has the power to stop time and only used it 3 times in the entire season. Reversing time also drew in a large group of outbreaks to join the rest of the rebels.


John and Jedikiah

The last few minutes of this episode focused on John and Jedikiah. Using Rodger’s DNA Jedikiah returned John’s abilities, but brainwashed him in the process. Once again John is Jed’s superpowered lap dog. It’s irritating to see Jed return to his own ways after coming so far but it’s not all that surprising. John and Jed have always had a strange father-son relationship throughout the show. John going evil is also great to mix up the action for a potential season.



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