TV DISCUSSION – Arrow Season 2 Episode 21 “City of Blood”



Knowing when to quit

This episode begins with Moira’s funeral. Everyone was there with the exception of Oliver, who is too depressed to function. Oliver’s disappearance prompts Felicity and Dig to go to ARGUS for help finding him. When they finally find Oliver he is convinced that he must turn himself into Slade to stop the personal feud from taking any more lives. Moira’s death has dragged Oliver to the deepest depths of depression and he just wants it all to be over. It isn’t until Laurel reveals she knows his identity and gives him a motivational speech that he returns to being the Arrow. This is first time in a while that I didn’t absolutely loathe Laurel’s appearance on screen.




“City of Blood” was just as much about Oliver as it was Laurel. Although I usually don’t like Laurel she played an important part in advancing the part. Firstly she got evidence of Sebastian Blood’s treachery; finally revealing him for the villain he is. Oliver confronts Sebastian directly exposing that he is the Arrow and vowing to take revenge.   Her evidence encouraged Oliver to suit back up after being knocked down so low. And let’s not forget that Laurel saved Oliver from one of Blood’s mirakuru goons when he was getting choked to death.


Laurel saves Ollie

City of Blood

Now holding the position of Mayor of Starling City, Sebastian Blood enacts moves forward with his vision for the city. He intends to destroy Starling with Slade’s army so that he can enforce his own polices. When Oliver sneaks in on Blood’s rally it thought it was strange that he had so few soldiers, but then it’s revealed that Blood had men scattered throughout the entire city! This will definitely make for a great season finale.



Closing Thoughts

I’m upset that Oliver did not tell Thea he was the Arrow. After all that’s happened he could at least tell her why their mom was killed. Rochev didn’t die and is now a mirakuru infused slicing dicing psychopath named Ravager. Star Labs has the cure but how will they cure all of those soldiers? Also Merlyn is back, what happens now?

What are your thoughts? How will Oliver stop the destruction of Starling? Drop a comment, I would love any feedback! 


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