TV DISCUSSION – Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 20 “Nothing Personal”




This episode sees the return of Maria Hill and Skye struggling to get out of a bad situation.

Maria Hill

At the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier we saw Maria Hill going to work for Stark Industries. In this episode we see her handling the aftermath of Shield’s downfall. It was clear from her actions that she no longer has faith in Shield, leaving Coulson the remaining force in the broken organizations. I was kind of pissed that Maria sold Coulson out but she made up for it. I was good to see her return to Shield for an episode.


Ward and Skye

Skye gets major props for playing Ward in this episode. Althought she didn’t get away on her own she proved how intelligent she is. Ward still loves Skye but clearly the feeling isn’t mutual. Everyone was pissed to learn he was Hydra. I felt the same way as Fitz when it was first revealed minus all the destruction.  


Deathlok and Ward are now partners. So far it hasn’t gotten of to a good start, considering Deathlok almost killed Ward. It will be interesting to see the dynamic of these two throughout future seasons of the show. I also wander if Deathlok will ever be free even if Garret is stopped.

Back to Basics

Running from the U.S. government and losing Providence have left Coulson’s agents completely with out resources. For the most part Coulson and his team are the only remnants of Shield remaining. The tone of the show will be completely different for the second season.

Closing thoughts

Coulson lead the Tahti project, um okay? May returns! The team is officially on their own.

What do you guess think? Leave a comment! I would love any feedback!


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