TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 21 “Kill Switch”



Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more intense The Tomorrow People ups the stakes with “Kill Switch”.

Not Dead Yet!

Ahem, told you! I told you guys The Founder wouldn’t be killed by a mere bomb and of course I was right! The bomb did manage to make The Founder to look evil with a burn scar on his face. Hillary dying in vain kind of sucks too. The bad news only piles when the rebels are told that they have all been injected with bomb. The Founder finally reveals his true villainous nature at feigning the good guy for so long. The past few episodes have demonstrated how intelligent The Founder really is.


Johnny Boy

Now that John is human he’s given up on hope and Cara. John is one of my favorite characters on this show so it’s disappointing to see him depicted as useless. While not entirely surprised that John and Astrid are a thing now I was taken aback. John and Cara have been at odds for a while now so it’s I guess it’s not all that strange. I couldn’t tell if Cara knows John is with Astrid now and if she does know she has taken it pretty well. I wonder if he would stay with Astrid if he ever got his abilities back. Also if John is out of the picture will Stephen try to make his move on Cara?



Natalie is constantly stirring the pot with the rebels and brings Russell down with her. When The Founder starts dropping bodies she’s the first to suggest turning in Rodger to save her skin. The annoying part is Natalie is also the one who insisted on creating a truce with Ultra, which came with a complementary kill switch in the back of their necks. She also talked Russell into turning Rodger into Ultra. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was secretly Ultra like Hillary. I’m angrier with Natalie than Russell for turning Rodger in.

Closing thoughts

The episode ends and guess what? Jed has superpowers….. what the fuck? After all those years Jed finally get what he wanted: to be a apart of the superior species. This cannot be good for anyone at all. Even if The Founder is stopped the group still has to worry about a superpowered Jedikiah. Also if Jed has abilities now does that mean he can kill or no? I hate that Russell is with Natalie she will be a horrible influence on him. Everyone is screwed now that The Founder has what he wants.

What are your thoughts? Is everyone doomed or will The Founder be taken down? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I would love any feedback!


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