May Agenda


With final exams coming up I have decided to postpone writing TV Discussions for this week and next week until the weekends. The good news after finals I’m a free man and there should be no more foreseeable delays. Below I provided a weekly schedule of Life Observation topics I hope to cover this month. Hopefully I don’t let you guys down and good luck to everyone on finals!

Week of 5/4 Thru 5/10 (Finals Week)


Week of 5/11 Thru 5/17

Why I Stopped playing videogames

The Bake Sell From Hell

On Being Funny

Week of 5/18 Thru 5/24

Learning from awkward situations

Why I hate social media

People and Paranoia

Week of 5/25 Thru 5/31

Why you should not value your own opinions so much

The Burden of Thinking

Quiet & Antisocial are not synonymous terms

*P.S. I don’t have any set schedule for Secret Saturdays at the moment but I will update this post when I do.


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