TV DISCUSSION – Arrow Season 2 Episode 20 “Seeing Red”



Roy awakes from his sleep and goes on a rage filled rampage throughout Starling city. Meanwhile Oliver and Moria struggle to regain Thea’s trust after she comes about a shocking revelation.

Roy(ed) Rage

The side effects of the machine and the mirakuru infused in Roy’s system create a total disaster. Roy can no longer think clearly and pummels his way through anyone who dares get in his way. He attempts to kill Thea at one point. Sara, unconvinced that Roy can be saved, decides to kill him. Oliver will not stand though; he believes everyone deserves a second chance and refuses to give up on Roy. This episode really displays just how good of a person Oliver actually is and I love that fact that he still has faith in Roy despite everything that’s happened.


Time To Say Goodbye

After all the destruction and a few close calls Oliver successfully subdues and detains Roy. Sara is ashamed of trying to kill Roy, deciding it’s best if she is no longer a part of Oliver’s life. Despite Oliver’s protest she leaves, presumably never to return. I don’t think Sara should have left Oliver. Without her he is left to defend Starling on his own again. Also Slade is still roaming about and Oliver could use all the help he can get. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing because I really enjoyed seeing both the Black Canary and Green Arrow in action.

Mother Knows Best

Interwoven throughout this episode were flashbacks of Oliver and Moira. In the flashbacks it was revealed that Oliver has a son in Central City which his mother helped hide from him. It’s not apparent what role this information will play in the future but I am extremely curious. Maybe it has something to do with the Flash series?


Let’s move on to the biggest shocker of this episode: Moira’s death. Just when the all the drama has simmered and the family is reunited Deathstroke strikes. Recreating the very scene Oliver was faced with on the island Slade forces Oliver to decide who will die. In an act of complete selflessness Moira volunteers herself to be killed. Slade compliments her courage then swiftly impales her with a katana. Out of all the deaths on the show this one upset me the most. Just when Moira was making up for her mistakes and repairing her family she is cruelly struck down.



Slade has kept his promise to Oliver and delivered a thousand fold. Oliver lost his company, he lost his mother, he lost Roy and he lost Sara. All that is left is Thea and the Arrow. Oliver will have to tell Thea the truth now. I’m also interested to see how Oliver will take on Slade now that he pretty much alone.

What do you guys think? How will Oliver stop Slade? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I wou


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