TV DISCUSSION -The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 20 “A Sort of Homecoming”



With Rodger is back the tomorrow people anxiously wait for an end the shadow war and the return to a normal life. Meanwhile tension in the group causes them to divide. Stephen, John, and Cara uncover The Founder’s true plan for the Arc with the help of Jedikiah. Rodger returning also tests Hillary’s loyalties to Ultra (specifically The Founder) and to Stephen.


Back From The Dead

Everyone in the lair praised Rodger’s return with one exception: John. Being the one who “killed” Rodger in the first place John feels an extreme amount of guilt. Even after Rodger told John he held not ill will toward. Things only got worse Rodger insisted only leaving despite John and Cara’s disapproval. Things were quickly settled when John received a swift ass whooping in the sparring match. It’s understandable that John feels the way he does, but he really needs to forgive himself. P.S. I found it ironic that John ends up shooting Rodger again in this very episode.


Oh, So that’s what it does

Jedikiah hacks the Ultra mainframe and pulls up a lab test recording showing the effects of The Arc on humans. Turns out the machine allows the tomorrow people to kill humans while they are frozen in time. Was anyone actually surprised to learn The Founder is actually evil? A name like “The Founder” implies a certain level of evil. Anyways, this is bad news because Ultra is going to use the machine to kill off all non-paranormal humans. While the revelation was unsurprising I’m glad that I know what The Arc actually does now.


No Hillary! Nooo Hillary!

I’m on a emotional rollercoaster. Last episode upset me because Hillary betrayed Stephen but now Hillary is dead; which is also upsetting. Tasked by The Founder to spy on Stephen in order to capture Rodger, Hillary faced an ethical dilemma. In the end she chose Stephen despite the initial betrayal. Hillary warned Stephen about the plan to capture his dad, she refused to capture Rodger when the opportunity arrived AND last, but not least, she strapped a fucking bomb to her body to make up for what she did. Unlike The Arc reveal I did not see that coming.

Closing Thoughts

This episode confirms that Jedikiah is not evil which is good I guess? John was captured by Ultra but was his powers taken away or did the shot do something else. Hillary’s death was definitely in vain, The Founder probably wiped his ass with that bomb.

So what do you guys think? Is The Founder actually dead or was Hillary’s death in vain? I would love any feedback!


2 thoughts on “TV DISCUSSION -The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 20 “A Sort of Homecoming”

  1. It was a great episode. But I hope Hillary’s death wasn’t in vain because that would be depressing. Plus if the founders dead who’s the bad guy? So I really didn’t like either person dying at the moment. Well the founder can die eventually. But some people think either Stephan stopped time at that exact moment or he might evolve and be able to go back in time. Making him more powerful then any other tomorrow person. Plus in this show what you see isn’t what you always see at times. This show has really done a good job of keeping us on our toes.

    • You make some good points because Stephen can only stop him in periods of emotional duress. That could have also been a part of The Founder’s plan in order to speed up Stephen’s control of his new powers, but we won’t know for show until next week!

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